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Hello, my name is Chantelle Owens. Many people call me the Tax Lien Queen because I’ve been investing in tax liens (both deeds & certificates) for what seems like forever – well over 13 years.

I am super passionate about teaching people how to use tax liens as a vehicle to financial freedom.

There’s enough in this Secret Billion Dollar Industry for all of us everyday people to catch a few crumbs, and realize what time freedom, thought freedom and financial freedom feels like.

An even bigger flex would be for us to pass our freedoms on to our children and our children’s children.

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Attend Our Introductory Tax Lien Bootcamp

Our FREE Online Introductory Tax Lien Bootcamp is designed to give new, seasoned and well-seasoned investors a basic elementary overview of tax liens. We also discuss how to use tax liens to become financially free. Be prepared to learn about tax liens, tax lien certificates, tax deeds, redeemable tax deeds, and judicial tax deeds in this fun-filled, action-packed Webinar. We conduct mock auctions so be ready to bid. Don't worry if you don't have the money to bid, we have a virtual money bag waiting just for you.

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Attend Our Advanced Tax Lien Bootcamp

We are here for you so you don't have to figure out tax lien investing on your own. My team is compromised of the foremost tax lien experts and will take your hand and guide you step-by-step in our Ultimate Tax Lien Bootcamp. You'll leave on your journey with our systems in-hand with the knowledge and confidence to use them over and over again as you win bids that will ultimately change your life.

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Of course, we want to stay connected with you and we're sure you'll want to stay connected with us as well. We're always innovating and looking for the newest, hottest techniques and tools to keep us on the cutting edge and in the lead when it comes to teaching tax lien investing.

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We’ve helped thousands of families start their journey to financial freedom through tax lien investing. But don’t take it from us, hear what some of our students have to say:

Hear What Our Students Have To Say

Introductory GA Tax Lien Bootcamp Student (In- Person Student)

“I just finished the short version of GA Tax Lien Bootcamp and class was great. I have bought and sold real estate over the last 30 years.   I own some property now but did not know much about tax liens except they existed. This class gives you good info to get started or go deeper into the subject matter with the instructor. Chantelle did a wonderful job.”

William Bromner

FasTrack GA Tax Lien Bootcamp (In-Person Student)

“Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect, but after getting so much value in your free class, the introductory class, I knew I had to take the advanced class and I’m happy I did because I definitely feel ready to get my first tax liens within the first ninety days. I’ll be taking this information and using it in Florida, my home state, and my fairy tale state, Louisiana. We’ll be able to take this information and purchase properties across the United States.”

Shannon Antoine

Introductory GA Tax Lien Bootcamp Student (In- Person Student)

“I just wrapped up CE GA Tax Lien Introductory Bootcamp and it was amazing. If you want to learn how to invest, if you want to learn how to grow, do not pass this boot camp up. Chantelle gives great information even in this very basic intro class.”

Darryl Bumpass Sr

4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp Student (Online Student)

“I was very skeptical about taking the virtual class, but Chantelle, Moe, and the rest of the team really have their stuff together and are excellent teachers. I didn’t even feel like I was online. I don’t know how you guys pulled this off virtually. You guys are excellent, excellent teachers! Thank you so much for putting this on for people like me who wouldn’t find this caliber of education anywhere else. This class is a blessing.”

Sabreen Harris

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